Bird Proofing

Birds are an important component of our natural environment. As predators, they feed on insects and other arthropods, fish, and countless undesirable animals. Most people see birds as adding beauty to our environment, in their looks, flight and song; thus, they are highly protected by public sentiment, laws and regulations.

Although their contributions are evident, birds can also be a hazard to our environment through:

  • Roosting or nesting around human habitations.
  • Carrying diseases or ectoparasites affecting man.
  • Causing hazardous or unpleasant walking or working conditions.
  • Contaminating foods.
  • Displacing desirable birds.
  • Feeding on crops, newly seeded lawns, sprouting buds, and plants.
  • Colliding with aircraft.

Roosting or nesting birds, and their droppings can deface and damage your building causing costly cleaning and repair bills. Pigeons, seagulls, sparrows and starlings are typical pest birds that can cause damage.

By installing appropriate bird proofing measures these bird fouling problems and associated cleaning costs can be eliminated.

Kwikill has experience in proofing many situations, from small ledges to complete buildings.

We have proofed historical buildings in the Wellington area such as:

The Wellington Railway Station,


Old Government Buildings and

St Andrews Church on the Terrace.

Modern structures such as the glass entrance to the National Library and New World Metro and Railway Station have also been successfully bird-proofed.

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Examples Of Work


Old Government Building, Wellington. Approx 6.5 kilometres of Ace Post &Wire system was installed on all the ledges in 1995. This has been successful in keeping pigeons from damaging this Historic building.


Wellington railway station - before


Flex Track applied to ledges

Note the decorative ledges with pigeons, droppings and nests

EG of flex track 2 (1)

Flex Track in action


Wellington Railway Station - after


The picture of the left shows pigeons fouling decorative ledges. Ace - Post and Wire system were installed after painting, stopping pigeons landing and fouling the facade of the building.

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